Qwan Pix!
Qwan at home kickin' back and watching some TV with my roomates...

This is Qwan and HIS monkey Juda!

This is Ryan, Qwan and two other monkeys that Ryan and Dave own!  Dave's monkey went with me the first time I ever rode the loop for fun!  

Ryan is quite proud that  he stole BOTH Loop AND Link signs!  (pictured with qwan is my roomate drunk out of his gourd!)

This is Qwan driving the loop!


Yeah, It does kinda suck being this good looking...

I was in full rockabilly effect with the Blue Suade Shoes...

Qwan and I

This is wan and I rocking out on the mic!

Qwan rockin out on the Loop

This girl handcuffed Qwan to the bus... he dug it...

I asked this girl to marry me....

...because she had monkey socks and cool shoes.

Qwan on a sink.
Qwan on a condom machinene.

Qwan celebrating THON.

Qwan rockin' out Bruce Springsteen Styl-ee!