Cool People

Mike "the scribe" Macedonia

This is my boy Zack (with an h) and two girls.  The girl in the middle bitched me out on the guest book and the girl on the left kept sniffing me and trying to keep Qwan.

This has a long story.  Okay originaly I took this picture because I thought the girl on the left was amazing looking (the picture isn't that good of her...) and I promiced my roomate Bill (far right) that he could make the page again with his friends Dave and Klu.  Now I usually don't take pictures of girls just because I am attracted to them, but this girl was special and she seemed realy cool too... so I decided to sell out and take the boring picture.  But to get everyone in the picture Klu had to sit on this girls lap.  The girl grabbed his arm and was like "wow".  She molested him and it was realy realy funny...evidently she licked him too!  So I started taking pictures of Klu with girls.... and made a new section.... Touch the Klu.  

Awww... this is my ex-girlfriend Abby visiting from home.  She is very cool.  I miss her... sniff, grrrr!

Don.  He's camera shy.  But he rules!

This is Kristine the bus driver.  She bought the bus driver ALL night.  She spent over 100 dollars!  She rules!!

This guy has the same name as me!! What are the chances!  I mean Nate I could immagine... but SMITH!?!  No way!!

This is Firas and Ang.  Firas was quoted in the paper and Ang sewed Qwan's arm back on.

Abby looking beautiful as allways... too bad shes heartless and crewl...

If anyone thinks this bus driver looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin give me a "Hell Yeah"!

Bagel sister and Bagel... all dressed up!

This is some bus driver who was all like "hey your the loop monkey! all the drivers told me to look for you!"  How funny is that? A: Very.

The covered up person is the girl that wrote the article... but she cant have her pix shown...