Ladies Love Loop Monkey
The girl Carrie next to me is in my art class and the girl with the beer hat has the clap.

These girls arent cool at all... Last year they ditched the Klu and I, I didnt realy care, but Klu was bitter...

These girls don't love me, infact they didn't belive that I was the loop monkey... evidently I am too young... I heard the loop monkey was 7 feet tall.  But the girl with the playboy shirt (the reason I took the picture... has an amazing stomach.)

Now although I both aprove of this, and I think it is funny, I dont think I should currupt the Loop Monkey page quite yet.... hence Qwan's heads... thats more of Jeremiad's style.

The best part about this picture is the reflection in the mirror. (just for the record... they want me to let you know that these girls are NOT lesbians, they were just drunk... just a bit more beer and they could have made pic of the week!)

A mountian of ladiez...

Qwan, my self and my roomate smoking candy jacks with some girls.... (note my Pokemon hat)

These girls met eachother on the bus... but they look EXACTLY the same!! What the hell!!

These girls were all wearing pea coats, pink shirts (I swear they were all pink) and they had verying amouts of cleavage... oh my!

Qwan gets much love...

This girl is kissing Qwan!!!

These girls wouldn't let crazy Tony roll with 'em

Word is born...

They are rockin out!

Hey Ladies! Get Funkey! (Klu on the cowbell...)

The girl on the left said I was rude!! The girl on the right dosen't know her monkeys!

These girls got leid... ha. ha. ha.

My roomate Bill and I with 2 girlies

Crazy Tony and I were rockin out with these chickiez!

The girl on the right hates everyone thats not Italian... or not...