If anyone has been wondering were I have been, I couldnt realy tell you.  However, I have once again retired, do mostly to the fact that I left Qwan at home accidently.  Also, I have had better things to do.  I am going to start a new unrelated page soon, and Ill up date everyone on that in a few weeks when it gets set up... I figure the page will open March 1st or earlier.  So look back here for updates, or get on the mailing list and I'll update you myself.  Untill then go to to keep busy.  Rock Most On.  Vive el Mono.  Right...

First new pictures of the year! Dont forget to check out the new web cam. Also check out the new stickers I have had made. Check out the old news if you havent been here in a while.  Finaly make sure you check out my most recent project (although im just working for my little brother) at  Rock most left.

I'm comming back... I got stickers so I decided I would make a come back... Im thinking the first friday after break... but Im not sure... and It probably wont be full time... but Ill definatly return for a bit... Im less bitter, more lonley and still have nothing to do... I am driven by boredom... so I got green hair (click here for an updated picture of my hair!) and did some other stuff and basically tried to keep my mind off how unhappy I am, but its not working, so Im bringing Qwan back.. give me something to do... and hell, I may have to get a job to pay for all these pictures... so be it... rock most on... see ya soon!
ps. I will have completly redone the whole page!

Its all over.... sorry... ill probably ride the loop a few times in the future just for fun.. but officaly their is no more loop monkey... im just bored... i need somehting new...

I officialy retired on Friday.... I may make a come back next year... but untill then...
rock most on
ps. check the page this summer for some random surprises... and the last weekends pix

Pictures are FINALY up!
The nice stomach contest was a success and we have 6 stomachs for you to vote on!!
Other than the stomachs this weekend sucked cause of Easter.  No one was drunk!
I got some new Klu pix and some new Qwan pix... other than that... theres like 1 other pic...
sorry... it was  a bad week... it was a weak week even! ha! i kill me!!
I think thursday of this week will be my last night on the loop...
well thats it... um VOTE NOW!!!!
ps. the stomach contest will end say... may 5th... ill mail the winner her prizes!

This was the worst weekend I have ever had and thanks to Easter I won't be getting the new pictures developed untill Wed.  This should be it for the Loop Monkey... maybe next year.. we shall see.  But I just may go out next thursday, however that is most unlikley.  
ps. i need a place to live next year

This is a big week!
Today is my brothers birthday... email him and say happy 17!
Um... New pictures are up of course... lots of em...
We got 3, count em, 3 new sections up!
1st section is Touch the Klu! It is filled with wonderful pictures of the Klu himself.
2nd is a new and exciting contest!!!  I want to find the girl with the best stomach next weekend on the loop
so if you have a nice stomach... find me this weekend!! you can win a prize!!
3rd is a Loop CD!  With the help of my friend Kelly I have created a sounds of the Loop CD.  It contains some of the most popular loop songs and such... its only 5$ if you want Kelly to make you a copy!
Um.. what else..
Check the Message Board!!!
Next weekend is Easter.. because of this I will be out Thursday night for a bit, just incase people want a chance to make the page for the last time before the summer.
Next weekend is the last weekend of the year... sniff.... sob... etc.
I guess thats it...
Rock Most Off....
PS. Bill Approves of this page.

New Pix!! Exciting!!
I need better pix next week... this week was slightly weak.
Ohh Ohh... I have a new email!!
I don't know what else tosay... um rock most on?
By the way... theres over 100 pix up now!!

Photos aren't ready again... arg.
Why is the place so slow??
Oh well.  New pix tomorrow I hope.

New Pix are up!!
I want to take pictures of people with Qwan and people's stuffed animals.  So roll up on the loop with stuffed animals next week.  
We need good pix next week so everyone try hard to impress the camera!
Oh oh! Everyone print out flyers and put them up all over the school.
Okay thats it... um rock most on.
See ya on Friday!

No new photos today on account of the fact that the photo shop didn't get 'em done in time.
Much apologies.
Hopefully I will get them up tomorrow, but more likley I will have them up on Wed. night.
Also I found an ID on the bus.  If you know Adrian Gonzales let me know...
And I added some new monkey art.
Thats it.

Okay as you all know by now Qwan has been stolen.  I have some info so check if you know ANYTHING let me know.  Okay.. you probably saw the Collegian article... but I posted it anyway...
New pix are up... unless I get Qwan back they will be the last.
Oh well... this sux... rock most on.

Evidently some friends of the girl who stole it found it in their room when their friend went home (she dosen't go to PSU) and they wanted to return him to me.  They were unhappy I accused their sorority (ZTA) and got him back to me safe and sound.  They didn't even take the reward.  This may not be completly the truth, BUT the important thing is that Qwan is back and I apreciate the girls who returned him.  We now have a picture of the week contest too! Check that out!  See you guys next weekend!!
Thanks to everyone for your support and such!

3.20.00- 3.21.00
I need help with this page... Check out the LMS page if you can help us in ANY way...
Or go to the new Flyers page and download some Loop Monkey Flyers and put them up around campus it would realy help!!
Thanks... now on to the new stuff!
Another week another set of new pix.
But this week was special, St. Pattys Day! Lots and lots of green beer...  lots and lots of funny drunk people.
This week I saw two amazing things...
1) I got a guy to crowd surf on the bus... that was just crazy.
2) I saw a guy get his head stuck in the bus window, be dragged 10 feet and then he spun out of control down the street when his feet hit a street sign.  It was the funniest thing I have ever seen cause the guy was cussing at people on the bus and being a drunken idiot.
About the page... I got new pix of course... plus I added a new picture section called Neet Pix.. just some of my favorite pictures... (the crowd surfing for example).
Another addition is the message board... It's my brothers idea... check it out.
VERY IMPORTANT! Sign up for the mailing list so you can get future updates when I add new cool stuff
Rumor has it there could be an article in the Collegian on monday... check that out!!
Anyway... Rock most on...
PS.  I am sick of boring pictures... if you guys wanna make the page from now on you gotta do something crazy...
I mean I want something realy nuts next week...  Rumor has it that the page could be getting some loop nudity in the next few weeks... but they want me to cover their face... wimps...

I added an mailing list you can now subscribe to inorder to get updates automaticly emailed to you...  It is most excelent.  When I add new pictures and I ad other bits to the page you will know about it first... so sign up...
And I added a mesage board so check that out...

The Pix are up and I added a Misc. section and a contest... but first a rant.
Recently on the message bord, as well as on the loop, I've noticed something that is quite strange. For some reason, allthough I'm nice to damn near everyone, some people see me as some how bad.  Obviously because I am not wearing Abercrombie I am bad.  This would not be so bad, but the main insult I recieve is that I am gay.  Now I'm not gay and I'm also not offended, more am I disturbed by the rampant homophobia that exists on this campus.  All night I hear the word "fag" and many times its used about me.  First of all these comments are amazinly ignorant and second of all why would you care if I was gay?  I promice who ever is saying that that your not my type, so don't worry about me trying to rape you or somthing like that.  Anyway, the even funnier thing about this whole thing is that the same people who call me a "fag" are comming to this web page and attacking me.   Why do you waste your time comming here if you think I suck so much?  The most recent comments to the message bord... probably done by the same person were "You should be, cause next time i see you on the loop im going to do some major gay bashing.  lose the monkey and grab a beer" and
"we got this flamming homo the loop monkey faggot who needs to start drinking.  find some friends and stop being gay."  These are two of the most ignorant things I have ever heard.  I'd love this person to try and kick my ass... I can't wait.  I would love to get my ass kicked cause of it.  It would be a hell of a story.  There is nothing funnier than homophobes who are insecure of their own sexuality.  Also, why do you forse your need for alchohol on other people?  Your such a steryotype it amazes me.  Does it look like I need beer to have fun?  Telling me to find some freinds?  What is your problem?  Okay... I think I'm done ranting, but I just had to say something...  I'd just like to say that anyone who posts any homophobic comments on the message board is a "god damn queer"!
The dating service thing is up! Check it out... find tue love!! Speaking of, I have valenines cards that I still have to give out... If anyone wants one, let me know... rock most on... See ya on the loop!

New Pix are up!!
I have an Idea for a loop monkey dating service... the basic idea is if you see some girl/guy your intrested on the page, and your on the page, you email me your email and the person you dig.  I then will try to get that persons email and ask her about you, based on the pix on the page.  Hopefully I can get the majority of peoples email... it could be most awsome... lots of people come here... let me know if your intrested.  Sign the new guest book...

Ok. I just got back from loopin, its about 3:30 am and I'm not tired.  I need something to do...  Tonight I went to some party after meeting new people on the bus, it sucked.  Here's the problem, I know a very small amout of people (most people fear my I think) and I don't have any fun except when I am on the loop.  The point is I need somthing to do when not looping.  Arg.  Anyway I added a news section wich will just have old updates. and I added a guest book.  Here's some important info: 300+ poeple have come to this page but I've only gotten like 3 emails.  This sucks.  I realy want to know what people think.  If you came here cause someone told you let me know.  If I gave you the adress remind me who you are.  Please, I need some feed back.  So email me at or Instant Message me at: Tommyy53.  Rock Most On.   
ps. new pix soon to come...

Unfortunatly I got Kicked off the bus by the CATA supervisor. This pissed me off. This means I gotta keep it on the low down for a few days... I will be back in action next saturday, however, this week there will be no new pictures because I only took 6 pictures this week. I'm sorry... I was gonna give peopel V-day cards on Saturday too... oh well... if any ladies out there want cards let me know...