Loop Monkey Soldiers
I need help getting the word out... The more people who know about this, then the more people who will want to be on the page and the more likley people will do cool stuff to make the page...  I need help.  I need people who will help the cause.  I made flyers that I will need people to photocopy and distribute.  Please go to the Flyers page and download them... NOW!! I need people to donate some cash so I can keep this going... I made stickers too... but they cost 20$ to start with... and I might put an ad in the Collegian... (or if you work for the Collegian we could use articles about the page... the page is intresting damnit!!)... so if you like the page and want to help wether it be economical or physical let me know... We need help!!  At the least sign up for the mailing list and tell your friends.  I want this page to be entertaining to all and constanly changing... but if I am gonna spend every Friday and Saturday riding the loop and every monday updating the page I am gonna need your help...this page is expensive... anything you can do to help let me know.. so yea... let me know.... loopmonkey@psu.edu   
Even sugestions are helpfull... thanks alot... Rock Most On!