Loop Monkey Banners
Here are some banners that you can use for your site.
If you cant figure out how to link them email me an I will send you the proper HTML.
To save them right click on ... wait a minute.. if you can figure how to save them you probably dont have a web page...
Let me know if you put any of them on your page and I may start a page of links.
Anyway.. here they are.

This is just the small banner so you dont have to waste too much space on your page.

Here is my favorite banner.  I sugest using this one.  

This is the normal banner for the site if you dont want to put a moving banner up.

This is a banner for www.jeremiad.com made specialy for the Loop Monkey.  You can get more of their banners from their web site.

Here is a banner for my new web site, Driven By Boredom.  Link it NOW!