Here are some of the pages I think you might dig... maybe not... give em all a chance!

This is my new web page.  Go here now! It is much better than this site. GO TO IT NOW!!!  I write articles for this page as well as design some of the art on it.

Automated Reason. This is the music of my friend Andy.  Allong with Aphroditie, it is the only techno I realy like.

Juice 2000/ Ballericons.  Juice 2000 has tons of party pix on it.  So once your done with my pix, check out thiers.  Ballericons has a ton of sweet icons for instant messanger.

This has gone too far.  Some sick people started a Loop Monkey fan club.  God have mercy on us all.

This is my roomates page dedicated to storm troopers.  Its actually kinda funny.  Check it out.

There wil be more soon... I just have to make art for them.  If you have linked this site to your web page let me know and I might put you up here.