Hello, My name is Nate.  I am the Loop Monkey.  I ride the Penn State Loop with my stuffed monkey named Qwan.  We ride the Loop on the weekends and play with drunk people!  I try to make everybody have a good time on the bus.  Last year I went to a frat party and they tried to kick me out... twice.   After that I decided that riding the loop is much more fun. I live to laugh, and when people laugh at me, I laugh too.  Then everyone is happy.  So I make a fool of myself, and my evening just rocks.  Many people might think I'm a complete tool for doing nothing with my weekend other than riding the loop, but ya know what, I realy don't care.  I just have no intrest in getting drunk and hitting on other drunk people.  I'd rather just kirk out on the bus...
The whole point of this page is to see all the pics that I take on the bus so check out the pictures... NOW!
(they may take a while to load... use some patience...)
And let me know what you think (sign the guestbook!)... and if you are on here and want to be removed or want your name on it, let me know...  loopmonkey@psu.edu.  There is a 99% chance I'll respond...
You can Instant Message me at "The Loop Monkey".
Check out my music here... if you want... it is horrid... in a good way...
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Want to watch me? I dont see why... but so be it.... I got a Web Cam now!

Rock most on! Vive el mono!

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Loop Monkey is over.  I have started a new... www.drivenbyboredom.com
Go there NOW!  It is much more entertaining that this page.  I promice.

 This page has been approved by Bill.     

The Many Faces Of A Mad Man!